Mkove MK75 Battery Monitor Remote Data Display

This site allows you to view your Mkove MK75's battery information from anywhere in the world.

To do this you have to ensure that a few (simple) settings are made or switched on...
  1. 1 - You need to have firmware version 131 or later installed on your battery monitor. To check the firmware version on your MK75 go to Settings > About. The firmware version currently running will be displayed. To upgrade your firmware go to Settings > OTA Update. Refer to the manual ( for details about upgrading the firmware
  2. 2 - Your battery monitor needs to be connected to a wifi network in station mode. The wifi network that the battery monitor is connected to must have access to the internet. In other words, this system will not work unless your battery monitor is able to connect to the internet so it can send it's data here.
  3. 3 - You need to turn on the 'Remote' option on your battery monitor. To do this go to Settings > Remote.
  4. 4 - You will need your Remote Id which is shown on the Remote screen on your battery monitor. This code does not change and is unique to your device. Case (capitals letters) matter when entering this code.
The page which shows your battery monitor data can be bookmarked and will always show the data for the same battery monitor.
If you want to use the Id of our test unit it's Id is 'um5KCRUA'.
If you need help please get in touch with us via the contact page on our regular website at

Enter your Remote Id and an optional identifier to view your battery monitor data.